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Every grant project has an endless number of variables concerning the needs of the program. It is this reason that Everygrant can provide services to meet every need of the organization. Whether you need a "start to finish" program, or an individual component with in a larger project, we can meet all of your needs. Our consulting and writing services include:

  • Planning your proposal prior to the project
  • Grant writing (actually preparing the proposal and budget
  • Grant review (reviewing your existing or partially started project)
  • Letters of intent of "boilerplate" preparation
  • Project research (does your program fit into the scope of the RFP?)
  • Site analysis and evaluation

Often times an independent grant writer can offer the required objective analysis of a program or idea to direct the project to the most likely source of successful funding. It it relates to grant preparation, we can assist you in your needs!

Everygrant will work hard to get you the money you need to succeed!










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