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At Everygrant we offer the most complete grant writing services available. The unique aspect of our services that they can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. If you simply have an idea, and you want to explore funding opportunities, or you have partially started project that needs assistance, we can help! Meeting the needs of your organization is the goal of Everygrant.Government grants are our specialty, however foundation programs are happily accepted. All projects will be quoted a price before commencement. Once an hourly quote is signed as a contract, there are no additional fees for the work contained in the contract, even if the project exeeds the estimated hours for preparation.From research to proposal and budget preparation, from site analysis to project review, we offer a complete grant consultation and preparation service. The fee schedule below is the basis for all requested quotes. Once a potential project is discussed, a written proposal will be submitted to the prospective client. Any alterations are made before the contract being signed. The fee schedule will be part of the contract, but usually is as outline below. Please email Everygrant if you have any questions, we look forward to assisting you in acheiving your requested funding.

Standard Hourly Rate: $95.00 per hour

Site Visit Consultation: $400.00 per day(inclusive of travel time)plus travel expenses, one-day minimum.(All site visits and consultation have multiple variables. An estimate will be provided that is specific for each situation.)

Payment Schedule: Projects billed at $2,000.00 or less: 50% upon contract signing, 50% due by electronic transfer(pay pal) immediately prior to proposal delivery to the client.
Projects billed at above $2,000.00: $1,000.00 due upon contract signing, balance is due by electronic transfer(pay pal) immediately prior to proposal delivery to the client.






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