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   You can be confident with    Everygrant in seeking the    dollars you need to succeed!

As an independent grant writing business, Everygrant can provide your organization with every component of a successful funding proposal. As the founder of Everygrant, my experience in the field of grant writing is very extensive. I have been preparing grants for government projects for approximately five years. During this time, I have a "funding rate" of just under 97%.
My vision as an independent grant writer is to provide a specialized service to your organization. This service is one that needs the training, knowledge, contacts, professionals affiliation and resources that I can provide.
Preparing a grant professional is not that a novice to the field should undertake with any level of expectation for success. Grant funding is becoming more difficult to obtain everyday, it is because of this that an organization needs professional assistance in this realm.

I am a member of the American Association of Grant Writing Professionals and have completed training at the Grantsmanship Center. I regularly attend conferences, training seminars and conventions throughout the country that relate to every aspect of grant preparation and post award management.
Follow up requirements for a funded program are vital to the success of continued funding. Every client will be well educated in their requirements to the funding agency or foundation once the funding award is made.
Every project will be evaluated prior to the execution of a contract. If there are reasons that the level of success is expected cannot be reasonably achieved, then I will not accept a project. All fees are formalized and outline in the "Services" section of our site.

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